For Every Woman Who Just Can't Take Anymore of

Leaking while walking, sneezing, coughing, jumping or running

Having to pee every 10 min

Pregnant look due to diastasis recti 

Prolapse making life and sex unbearable

Back and hip pain killing you mojo

Bladder bossing you around

If you just want your (pre-kids) BODY BACK
even if you had kids decades ago! 

Abs Core Pelvic Floor Restore For Total Beginners

Start fixing your pelvic floor, prolapse and diastasis

Return from that 5 mile hike or Disney trip without the tension in your hips and back

Take car trips without worrying about the next toilet stop

Running, jumping, dancing without the wet feeling in your panties

Enjoy sex life as you get in tune with your pelvic floor

Play with your kids or grandkids without putting pressure on your bladder

Sneeze, cough, laugh blow your nose without the need to  wear a pad

Even If 
✅You are closer to menopause or 
✅You’ve tried close to everything 
✅ Physical therapy didn't work

How do I know it's possible?

Because I Was There Myself

😥 I know how it feels to wet my panties after each sneeze.
😥 Not being able to run after my son without ending up soaking wet.
😥 Constantly feeling drained and
without energy and bloated.

😥 Even yoga didn’t feel right anymore, let alone going to the gym.
😥 I felt empty, incredibly stressed (thank you shallow breathing) wondering if I'll ever be the same as before.

I was dismissed by my obgyn and told to get used to wet panties .
I was prescribed KEGELS and sent home with a tap on the shoulder 
welcome to motherhood”.

😢 I look how I feel = miserable!
😢 leaking with every sneeze
😢 back pain after walking
😢 couldn't do any cardio
😢my old gym routine was not helping/didn't feel right
😢 severe tension headaches forced me
to quit my corporate job

👙 leak-free!!
👙 started Crossfit and taking tennis lessons
👙 no low back pain
👙 headaches limited to doing homework my            my son😆
👙 can sleep on the side without waking up to             tension in the hips

I studied corrective exercise from leading physical therapists in the area 
of women’s health and  I created

Abs Core Pelvic Floor Restore

For Total Beginners

A 4-Week program for women who want to
see lasting results in their core and pelvic floor strength necessary to

✅ Improve their diastasis depth and width
✅ Stop the leaks and urgency
✅ Feel sexy, confident and IN LOVE WITH THEIR OWN BODY! 

Special Introductory pricing of $47 
for a LIMITED TIME only
 (Regular price $147 )

👎 Wasting time exercising only to learn that you were doing it wrong because you had no one to check on you?

👎 Waiting for  personal therapist appointment only
        to be seen for 15 minutes only?

👎 Not being able to participate in family trips
unless a TOILET IS NEAR?

       Are you tired of  😥 

👎 Wetting your panties while laughing or blowing your nose,
god forbid you have to cough!

👎 Traveling every week to a
in-person appointment?

👎 Looking pregnant or
having to hide your fupa

👎 Not being able to pick up your kid because of DIASTASIS and BACK PAIN?

Let me help you!
If I can do it,  you can do it!

you will need the proper guidance and support
to avoid costly mistakes and myths

You see, there is a lot of misinformation out there, even among medical providers especialy when it comes to female health

I want you to feel supported!

I’m there with you every step of the way in a private FB group, responding to questions and doubts
but more importantly, GIVING YOU CUSTOMIZED FEEDBACK on your form based on the videos from you.

 It’s better than being in a physical therapist office!

 You’ll get feedback the same day or next day when you need it not in the next appointment!

Why are women confused and unable to progress healing their DR and incontinenc or prolapse?

I will let you in on some secrets and
some of the myths that PREVENT women from achieving their goals 👇👇👇

Diastasis Myths

Diastasis should be closed entirely


The linea alba takes up some space, too, so there is no such thing as 0-finger width. The fact that you are concerned about the width tells me that you are not working on your depth which is much more important than the gap, hence you are missing out.

DR safe exercises are safe to do 


You can hurt your DR even when you do a DR safe exercise when you do it WRONG. What matters is HOW you do an exercise. All exercises can be adjusted for DR. Even planks and crunches THERE IS NOT SUCH THING AS A DR SAFE EXERCISE!!

You should not do planks if you have DR


The fact that you haven't progressed to planks is probably the reason why you still have DR

Diastasis is a problem of the abdominal muscles


DR is a whole body problem. How we move overall, posture, breathing, glute and hip strength, shoulder blade strength, ribcage and pelvis position impact how DR heals.

Pelvic Floor Myths

Kegels make pelvic floor stronger

Most women engage their glutes, don't activate the transversus abdominis and don't know how to breathe during a kegel. If you have a tight pelvic floor, kegels will make you worse!

Incontinence and prolapse comes with age

Both are signs of pelvic floor dysfunction and are completely fixable if you START NOW!

Stress/urge incontinence is a problem of the pelvic floor

Stress/urge incontinence is a WHOLE BODY problem. The pelvic floor does not live in isolation. Adductors, hips, glutes, arches, posture, intraabdominal pressure etc all need to be looked at.

Prolapse can only be fixed with surgery

If you don't learn how to manage intraabdominal pressure, you will keep putting pressure down on the bladder and prolapse even after surgery. 

Get support from a certified postpartum corrective exercise specialist, not from Internet.
Get a program based on the latest research, not on a recommendation from the 60ies when doctors only knew kegels.

Abs Core Pelvic Floor Restore

for Total Beginners

A 4-Week program 
for women who want to
✅ get relief from prolapse
✅ enjoy hikes and family trips without pads
✅ sneeze, cough, laugh without the fear of leaking
✅ be proud of your body
✅ regain confidence in yourself!

Take advantage of this special introductory pricing of $47 for a LIMITED TIME only  (Price will increase to $147 after the cart closes)

Not all programs are created equal. This is not your average program!

Average program

Abs Core Pelvic Floor Restore

1. ❌
Lets you perform the exercises mindlessly without explaining where you should where you feel them.

2. ❌
Doing exercises off the Internet labeled as DR "safe" or pelvic floor "safe"

3. ❌
Not offering regressions or easier versions of exercise

4. ❌
Limiting exercises to kegels or focusing solely on the pelvic floor area

1. 👍🏽
 I explain WHERE you should feel it or (where not to feel it) when you do a certain movement to make sure you are doing it correctly. No more wasting time!

2. 👍🏽
You can hurt your DR or pelvic floor by doing an exercise labeled as "safe" WHEN YOU DO IT WRONG. Details matter! You'll find troubleshooting videos and tutorials for each new exercise. No more mistakes!

3. 👍🏽
Leg lifts, deadbugs, bird dogs are very advanced movements. Most people overuse their back muscles or CHEAT with other muscles, hence they never see the results!

Studies show that a maximum pelvic floor connection cannot happen without engaging the deep core. Strengthening your abs will make your bladder happy!

that you will get access to me for all your doubts and questions.
 We will get to know each other in a small private women-only FB group,
where you will receive feedback on your form.

What is inside ?
 Abs Core Pelvic Floor Restore


.1. 30+ videos with LIFETIME ACCESS  
     (yes, keep 'em forever)

2. Detailed exercise breakdown tutorials explaining WHAT you
    should feel and WHERE

3. Pelvic floor and diastasis lectures
   (explain WHY YOU (and not someone else) need to move a       certain way so it makes sense to you)

4. Weekly "workout along me" videos to add to your workout routine


5.  1 MONTH Access to my FB community 
    of awesome other women to keep ya accountable and ask         questions, see how others are doing to learn and support   each other

      Why only 1 month, you ask?
  There is a specific reason I chose 1 month. Short answer, to put some fire up your tush, so that you FINALLY TAKE ACTION NOW!!! (If I gave you 3 months, it would take you 3 months to go over the content. I want you to see results as soon as possible)

     Customized feedback from me on your form !
    This is better than having your own physical therapist in your own home! For $47! 

Plus awesome BONUSES!

Get these super amazing bonuses for FREE when you join The Core Corrective Today:

 Hips Unlocked

Discover the Secret Link Between Hips, Glutes, and a Stronger Pelvic Floor. Because your hip alignment and glute strength impact your bladder and DR!

Planks 101
 Planks Made Super Easy
(DR Safe) 

If you haven't progressed to doing planks, that could be why your DR is not closed entirely. However, planks are hard. I'll show you how to start without hurting your DR and back.

Release & Revive
Unwind Your Pelvic Floor" 

Do you experience discomfort with peeing, pooing or penetration? Then you must get this bonus because tight or hypertonic pelvic floor may be the culprit!




Step 1 -  Release your back, connect to your pelvic floor

Step 2 - Activate lower transversus abdominis.  

Step 3 - Fire up those abs and pelvic floor. Bye bye belly pooch! 

Step 4 - Wake up your glutes and release that tight pf

Client Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Fantastic question. In fact, I see a lot of women who feel failed by rehab but the truth is that they were not doing the moves correctly because there was no one to check on them and they were not told where to feel it or where NOT to feel the exercise. That’s why it’s extremely important that you send me your videos for feedback.

YES! This is a foundational program for those with zero core strength. We start on the floor and work ourselves to hands and knees so that you gain a solid foundation. the BONUS module gives a sneakpeek of the more advanced exercises in standing. You don’t need a gym membership or dumbbells for this program.

I recommend a yoga mat, if you don’t have carpets. A wall space to put your feet up against the wall for the 90/90 Core Activation Breathing. We will be squeezing things between the knees to engage the adductors. I use a yoga block, but you can use a rolled-up towel, a pillow or a blanket.

You will get lifetime access to all content of Abs Core Pelvic Floor Restore so you can work out on your own even when the month is over. However, you will lose access to the PAID FB group after 30 days. This is on purpose to motivate you to prioritize your body. You can achieve a lot in 30 days!

So am I! Most videos range from 5-10 minutes. The first workout-along is 40 minutes because it is still filled with a lot of instructions. After you learn how to do the exercises, you will not need the instructions anymore. Other workout-along videos are 20-30 minutes, but if you manage only 5 breathes on leg lifts at first, then you will be done in 10 minutes. You can always pause, rewind, fast forward and even increase the speed of each video.

No. However, I highly recommend it, at least in the beginning till you get to learn your body and how it functions. How else will you know you are doing it right and not wasting your time? Your videos will help me get to know you better and allow me to provide customized cuing and support for your body. Every body is unique and One size fits all does not apply here.

No. It’s one payment but only this one time because it’s founder’s pricing The price will increase after the 5-day open cart period to reflect the real value.


Because I KNOW you’ll love the Abs Core Pelvic Floor Restore, I’ve got you covered! Join us today, and if you just don’t love it for any reason, send me an email in the first 7 days after your date of purchase and I’ll send you a full refund!

No Hassle.  No Problem. 

I Want To Lose My Mummy Tummy !

1) This is better than PT!
2) No need to make an appointment.
3) Ask questions as they come up.
4) Get feedback on your form immediately .

A Snippet of the Course Curriculum

Week 1
Let's Start Breathing and Releasing
  • What's. the deal with all the breathing?
  • Child's pose for back expansion.
  • Full squat breathing
  • Croccodile Breathing (not just fur crocodiles :-) )
Week 2
Week 2 Get your abs on board
  • What is your pelvic floor doing right now?
  • 90/90 Core Activation Breathing - Setup
  • 90/90 Core Activation Breathing - Execution
  • 90/90 Troubleshooting
  • 90/90 Case Study
Week 3
Activating the TAs in hands and knees
  • Hands and Knees Core Activation
  • Hands and Knees case study
  • Workout along Video
Week 4
Name of the topic
  • Lesson 1
  • Lesson 2
  • Lesson 3

Preview the Course Curriculum

Iveta Uhrovska

I am a certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, and a Yoga Teacher.

I also hold an Associates in Arts in Sports Medicine Preparation and a Master in Business Administration

I have an interest in functional exercise, postural awareness, functional movement, breathing, and a neurocentric approach to movement (it’s the brain that moves the muscles not vice versa!)

My Story

I’ve always considered myself a fit person despite my sedentary job. After a complicated labor, I happily returned to work, naively hoping to restore my life and prenatal body back. Unfortunately, my body failed to bounce back:). At first, I was hoping that my peeing my pants with every minor cough or sneeze with somehow miraculously change after 3 months, then 6 months then 9 months postpartum. 

But nothing has changed, I was not able to run, jump, laugh, cough, or even shout without wetting my panties completely. I tried going to the gym but I felt something was not alright. I felt empty. Despite being already a certified personal trainer, I was NOT able to fix myself!

Failed by doctors

 I saw a pelvic floor physical therapist who prescribed kegels and sent me home after a 30-minute consultation not even wanting to see me again. I knew kegels were not the answer. I was incontinent for 4 years and doing kegels for a couple of weeks should fix it? It just didn't add up. It just didn't up.

My ob-gyn kindly explained that she herself was not able to resume running after her 2 kids so I should just get used to wet pants, as well. Upsetting, right? 

I realized just how much misconception there is about the female body and decided to help women around the world whose bodies didn't bounce back like mine.

Then the headaches kicked in

Since I was a mother, my body was the last priority on the list, I kept waiting it out. When my kid was about 4 years old I started coming home with persistent headaches until one day at 9 am I already felt the pressure on my temples. I was tired, in pain, frustrated with my body and completely devastated. It was so unfair!

Abs Core Pelvic Floor Restore For Total Beginners

Take control of your bossy bladder and diastasis Put a stop to leaking while sneezing, laughing, jumping, or running!

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to 30+ videos (value $149).
  • Detailed exercise breakdown tutorials .
  • Pelvic floor and diastasis lectures.
  • Weekly "workout along me" videos.
  •  1 MONTH Access to me (Value $399).
  • Customized feedback from me on your form!

" Iveta is an amazing coach!. Very well explains & give feedback on forms, lots of value. Thanks! "

Linda Gem




One-time fee, USD incl VAT

  • BONUS 1 - Plank Progressions for diastasis and pelvic floor ($39 value).
  • BONUS 2 - Hips Don't Lie (Get your glutes on board! ($65 value).
  • BONUS 3 - Release & Revive: Unwind Your Pelvic Floor" ($45 value).
  • 7 DAY Guarantee, if you don't like it. No hassle. No problem.
  •  1 MONTH Access to me (Value $399).